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I am moving to Mexico!  I’m leaving my home state of California and moving to Mexico!

The blog posts explain everything in detail, so here I’ll just say that I have always wanted to live a Caribbean lifestyle.  Everyone loves the beaches, the warm water and climate and laid back lifestyle.  No one dreams of working for decades in the corporate business world.  Who wants to be a slave to their own business?  Who enjoys heavy traffic, conniving employees and thankless clients?  I earned my early retirement and paid for this opportunity with my life.  I plan on living my life as far away from the SF Bay Area and the California lifestyle as I can.  Time to leave the taxes, the crime, the costs, the division, and the politics behind.  Time to leave this part of the USA.

I am an aspiring writer and I am moving to Mexico in less than a year, therefore I plan to document my last year in the States.  I will share the good, the bad and the unexpected.  I’ll share it all and hopefully, we’ll all learn something useful and have some fun along the way.  The final reward:  ESCAPE.

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