Chapter 27 Please Don’t Read This Article!

January 6, 2019

Moving to Mexico:

Chapter 27:  Please Don’t Read This Article!

I hate to do this, but I have to address the Internet trolls.  The little parasites that attach themselves to the work and ideas of others, sitting at their laptops, alone and angry, firing off nastygrams to those of us who expose ourselves to the world, hoping to do some good.  Let me explain.

I have had almost 7,000 readers look at my insignificant little website at this point. We hit our daily reader zenith with 500 viewers on Christmas Eve.  That was gratifying.  It felt like an early Christmas gift knowing that 500 people took the time on Christmas Eve to take a look at

Add to this, my articles are seen on, a hugely successful site with tens of thousands of readers that I personally have followed since 1994.  I feel fortunate to be working with Escape Artist and thank them for publishing my work for several years now.

To date, I have only received ten comments, ten.  Eight of those were very complimentary.  Only two were negative, downright mean.  It seems that most people (like me) like to read blogs and then politely move on with the day.  Just two felt the need to take a verbal swipe at a stranger online, so I’m pretty blessed.

I will not post those comments here because both have been blocked.  It would be unfair to reprint their words here without their ability to then come back at me, and so on…an exercise that would be a waste of time and energy.  Suffice to say, each one upset me.  I’ll be honest.  They upset me, but not in a personal way.  Just knowing that there are people like that in our world is enough to make you just shake your head.

I am no comedian, but I have heard that comedians (who perform in front of hundreds of people) tend to focus on that one person in the audience who is not laughing.  I get it.  They are probably just as damaged as I am. 

I don’t write these articles to start arguments, but I welcome debate and appreciate comments.  I damn sure don’t write them for money.  Blogging does not pay a penny for 99.9% of us who do it, regardless of what those “make a living copywriting, blogging and selling your photos/videos” pitch emails want you to think.  I have checked out dozens of them and to date, not one has taken my challenge: 

“Show me that your system works, and I’ll pitch it to anyone who will listen.” 


My favorite scam pitch: “If you can speak English, have a laptop and love to travel, you can make money as a travel writer.”  Please.

Remember, very few made money during the California Gold Rush.  Many made money selling that dream and the supplies needed to the foolhardy souls who rushed to strike it rich.  We fell for BahaMar Fever in the Bahamas in 2006. 

We wont get fooled again.

I write these articles to do two things:  to chronicle our life and to share our experiences in the hope that someone else might garner something, anything…even a scintilla of helpful information…that will help them on their journey.  Someday, I may put all of them together into an eBook and give it away.

That’s it. 

And I think it is working.  I’ve had a several people take me up on my offer to come and see Tulum, stay in my house and see if it’s for them.  They are converts.  They all got it.  I hope to have them as neighbors soon. 

That offer is open to you as well.  The life in Mexico is amazingly different from what you probably believe it to be and the ONLY way to learn more is to go there.  Seminars, books and blogs are just the beginning.  Eventually, you need to take that first step on your journey with a visit to see if it is right for you.  Mexico is far from perfect.  You just have to weigh that life against where you are now and decide:  is this good enough? 

  • Is this really what I want for my future? 
  • Is this sustainable? 
  • Can I continue to afford this when I am older? 
  • Do I want to work forever?

These are some of the questions I consider as I plan our move.  By the way, I answered NO to all four questions above. 

If 6,908 people have looked at my site, and only ten have commented, I’m obviously not doing this for the clamor of the crowd.  I am sending my words out into the ether, to the universe.  She may do what she wishes with them. 

I had a friend (Chris, I think I have mentioned him a few times…the one I grew up with who died in his sleep years ago) who wanted to be a radio Disc Jockey back in the 1980’s, before every high-schooler had their own website, podcast and when such a career was still just mysterious enough to fringe “show biz”.  Chris was half Mexican and for a while (after high school) he lived with his Mexican father in Nogales, Arizona right next to the border.  Actually, the city appears to be mostly IN MEXICO.  See below. 

Or maybe it’s like Kansas City, straddling a border and existing as two mirrored cities, abutting each other across our national borders.

Anyway, he lived there and worked for his father’s tech shop where he was an untrained but highly intelligent nerd, laboring over huge computers and programming systems long before everyone had one in their pocket and you could take a “coding” class at your local library.  Again, he was a vanguard, working in an area that would remain a mystery to me for years:  high tech. 

Chris loved computers, but he was in love with performing and he did so for a few years as a party DJ, a club DJ and for a short while, as a DJ at a tiny radio station in the desert, KAYN.

KAYN was sold in the 1980’s and was relabeled, but a Google search still shows their radio tower there in Nogales, Arizona.  The link above has some oddly poetic verbiage:

Neither 98.5 nor 103.7 work at night,

as the signal fades into static at about 5:30 p.m. each night.”

At my friend’s celebration of life, Chris’ father spoke to me about those radio days.

“He was there, working hard, putting on a professional show but they had him on overnights, so he’d be broadcasting around midnight to a half-dozen people, most of whom didn’t understand English.  But he worked hard.  Put a lot into it.  Maybe no one was listening some nights, but he still did it.  He loved it.”  He remembered those days fondly as he explained this to me.  My heart broke for him.  Chris was his only son.

Chris and I used to send each other cassette tapes, long-winded, multi-day diatribes that took the place of a simple letter.  I was in the Army in Texas and he was working in Arizona.  He had access to professional equipment, so his tapes always had superior production quality as compared to the noisy recordings I created for him on my Panasonic boom box. 

He sent me some recordings of his radio show.  I called him “Mr. Chriss” and he took the name for his show, even added the extra “S” that looked like a typo on my part but was really just me glomming on to the Hollywood habit of creating new spellings for old names like “Destinee”, “Paizleigh” and “Jaeysin”. 

You may not care, and I debated myself on whether to do this or not, but here some clips from Chris’ show from one of those tapes (just click on the link below):

The Mr. Chriss Show, circa 1985

Just like my old best friend, his words were and mine are created for no reason other than for the sheer joy of it.  Chris and I used to make tapes that only one person would ever hear.  Chris created radio commercials for companies that did not exist.  I would write regardless.  It does not matter if anyone reads my words.  Audience is nice, but he as a radio DJ and me as a writer, we rarely know who is listening, reading or enjoying our work.  It’s more fun when people like what you produce, but it’s not why it’s done.

I still listen to his old tapes and reminisce.  They were a welcome reminder of friendship and home when I was away in the Army.  I sincerely hope that my articles give you some enjoyment laced with a little information on how we moved to Mexico, but moreover…why we did it.  To me, the “why” is much more personal and honest than just the “how”.  There are dozens of good sites where you can get the nuts and bolts for a move like this.  That’s not me.  I’m just a storyteller, so I will focus on the “why” and do my best to add some useful “how”.

So, if you don’t like what I write, please don’t read it.  And for goodness sake, it’s free.  If you really hate it, it cost you nothing, so just ignore it.  If you do like what I do, shoot me a line or two.  I would really love to hear your story. 

  • Are you contemplating a similar move? 
  • Have you already moved? 
  • Tell me a little about your experience. 
  • Perhaps I can pass it on to another. 

That is why we do this.  It’s fun and it just might be helpful to another person.

Now, on to 2019.

In preparation for the big changes this year, so far I think we’re on track. 

Our son is very close to choosing a university and we can afford all of his top three choices.  Any of the three states where we would need to relocate our belongings and state residency would be fine.  We plan to spend most of our time in Mexico anyway.

I just saw a house very similar to ours, just around the corner, that listed for $774/square foot.  Wow.  Let’s hope this market holds or even improves this Spring and Summer.  That would be a nice farewell to our home state.  We will see.  Packing and moving is going to be a major pain, but we haven’t had to do it in almost 18 years, so I cannot complain too much.

I go back to work tomorrow.  I’m ready to begin our last six months here.

2019 is our go year.

What’s yours?

6 thoughts on “Chapter 27 Please Don’t Read This Article!”

  1. Hola…I don’t recall how I found your blog, but I’m enjoying it. My knowledge of Tulum came from House Hunters but it is a beautiful area. Our go to. Mexican place is Mazatlan. We first went their on a cruise in 2008 and have returned many times. Now that we’re both retired in TN, we usually go for @3 months each year. I could live there full time but my husband is a hunter and he isn’t ready to give up hunting as long as he can get up and down the mountains.

    When we go back I plan to get our residente temporal in place and hope I can one day convince my husband that Mexico is where we need to be!

    Following your journey….Linda

    1. Awesome! I have been to Mazatlan but it was many years ago. I remember having a blast there as a kid. There are so many places in Mexico that we love. Tulum may just be our first step. If our property manager can keep our house rented, I’m content to travel! Stay in touch and thank you very much for the message. 😎

  2. First, I have been lurking on your blog for about 4 months now. I have really enjoyed the stories, humor and the connection that I have with many parts of your story. I am 57, been married for 30+ years and have one son, and I too will be looking to reside in Mexico eventually. We have been all over Mexico and really love the Pacific coast, Zihuatanejo specifically. We do continue to travel all over Mexico, taking our time to make a decision that probably won’t come for another 7 years or so. I am very thankful for your comments and insight that you put into your blog as it has been very helpful. I really enjoyed the truth of your experiences in the Bahamas and Belize. We may very well look you up in the coming years for a stay in the Yucatan, although it has not been our preferred area. I really look forward to reading your writings every week so thanks again and keep it going! And here’s to hoping the housing market holds for you. We are just outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth area and have not experienced the large swings in property value as seen in other parts of the country.

    1. I am very glad to hear from you and that you have been enjoying my articles. Thank you for sending your comments. *Have you subscribed? Soon, I plan to make VLOGs but may limit those to subscribers to avoid trolls. My whole goal with this blog was to document our move and then I thought it might be useful to us (and others) to share the experience, data and to be as honest as legally permissible. I’m about to post an article today…slight delay due to some heavy rain over the three-day weekend here in the Bay Area. Worst storm in years and it pushed back some things I needed to do so the blog suffered a slight delay. I’m glad you are headed to Mexico, but I can’t agree with moving to the Pacific side. I grew up on the Pacific Ocean and ever since I touched the Caribbean over 25 years ago, I forgot about the Pacific. It just isn’t the same. But to each their own. 🙂 Let me know if you ever want to stay in our place to see what Tulum is all about. We would love to have you. All the best,


  3. Hi, we live in remote community of about 500 people in the mountainsof central Mexico. We found our home while my husband was doing research on a map from1580. It is not eveybodies cup of tea but we love our life here. We visited Tulum last Christmas with members of our family and had a great time but we are mountain people and small town folks. I look forward to reading about your adventures.

    1. Hi Ellen! Your community sounds amazing. Once we get our son into college, sell our home and actually get to move to Mexico full time (probably June 2019) we plan to visit a lot more places like your new home. We picked Tulum because we simply love beach life, especially Caribbean-style beach life and Tulum is the epicenter of the best beaches in Mexico. We also like having entertainment and shopping somewhat nearby so we don’t mind driving to Playa or just going downtown for what we need. *On our resort, entertainment is non-stop and mostly free. We may not live in Tulum forever. We are totally open to new adventures as we find them. For now, Tulum will be a great soft landing for us after we say Adios to the USA. Thanks for reading and reaching out. Stay in touch! All the best, Tom.

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