Chapter 28 America, the Broken. Are We Truly Lost?

January 13, 2019

Moving to Mexico:

Chapter 28:  America, the Broken.  Are We Truly Lost? we are.

Many of you

…and I

Are leaving.

See you there.


Shock, murder and crime. 

If it bleeds, it leads. 

Fear-based news grabs you and shakes you

trying to convince you

listening to their story will somehow

reduce your fear. 

It’s a formula that works.

But now

There is a new scheme.

The soap opera government show.

How did this become so important?

How did they get us to choose sides?

Blue vs. Red.

Left vs. Right

Really?  Are we that stupid?

Why not just the white hats vs. the black hats?

Dodgers vs. the Giants?

Batman vs. The Joker?

It’s all a con.

CNN says…

Donald Trump is the devil

sent to burn the world to ashes.

Personal gain



We are justified in our cause so all actions and words are allowed.

Keep watching CNN.

Fox News says…

The left is a bunch of violent ideologues.

They want your every dollar.

Cradle to Grave

Control you, own you.

They will tax you to death.

Donald Trump is the angry public’s middle-finger message to government.

Keep watching Fox News.

Neither is correct.

Both are ideologically handcuffed.

Obtuse mental blockade

keeping both sides from accomplishing anything. 

Our attention is being grabbed

Our focus drawn away

From the real game at play.

Our system is completely broken. 

Our nation is hopelessly split. 

Brother hates brother.

I do not see a way out of this. 

A second civil war in America?

We are so intertwined.

So many now.

Get back in lines?

Can we again

choose sides

and shoot each other

empty fields

“the whites of their eyes”

Once rallied us.

Such divides.

More likely our second civil war

Will be small and quick.

Chaotic, violent, scary.

quickly flattened

boots of our own military. 

America is not emerging

Ongoing political rift



Our experiment did not work. 

Major changes loom.

Will we break up our nation?

If we do not repair the division we now face

2020 could be the last time we try.

Texas wants to secede. 

California may split into parts.

Colorado became New York.

New York is from Mars.

What happened to the United States?

Maybe this was a bad idea.

We just grew to be too damn big.

Too many of us.

From too many different places.

No homogeneous link or tie.

330 million reigned by one man?

Or even a group of similar crooks.

No wonder they all lie.

We get what we allow.

We deserve what we get.

Time and time again

We vote these assholes in and

They vote themselves raises

Lifetime pensions

Health insurance

And they all live behind big, strong


Don’t they?

Walls we cannot climb.

Walls that protect them

From us.

Walls we paid for.

Foolish governed.

Crafty governors.

America is fractured.

Nothing unifies us.

Flags, anthems and Eagles

Nothing without engagement.

Not a marriage or family.

A flag of convenience.

America has become more a desired club

Than a beloved nation.

Our country has become a game

Winners and losers

Matter little or not at all

When you have no stake in the game

You’re a passive observer

A bandwagon fan

Jumped on board a fast moving train

Took it for a ride

Didn’t pay

Didn’t care

And when the train ran out of fuel

You went back to walking

Just like you were before

Not caring

Just a passenger on a rider to wherever.

You and I did not care enough

to make the changes

needed to fix our home.

So now, many of you

…and I

Are leaving.

See you there.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 28 America, the Broken. Are We Truly Lost?”

  1. after having retired early to Mexico from San Diego and now being here full time for 24 years, it’s interesting to me to see what others are thinking about the US and how they view Mexico. I had started my blog in WP as you see, many years ago when they changed their original format where I had a lot of my photos from trips to Sri Lanka. Then found that they just deleted them and totally changed, so it was of little interest to me to continue, but I do have a couple international friends who have active blogs, so I am still plugged in. I’ll be interested to see how your move goes; which is to Q’Roo?? I have not been down that way……numerous times to many other places but only as far down as Oaxaca.

    1. I have no idea where we will be in 24 years, but I suppose that is part of the fun, right? The post I put up today is just a ramble and a rant about the US right now. It’s not political, just kind of disillusioned and ready to depart. *Some FB moderators shy away from anything that appears political. Sign of the times. Thanks so much for reaching out. 5 months to go and then my blog will transition into a “here we are…our first year in Mexico” blog. THAT sounds like fun. All the best, Tom.

  2. Hi Tom! My husband and I are planning to leave Texas and retire to Mexico next year. We will be doing a scouting trip this Spring to decide which area will best suit us. I’m so happy to have run across your blog. We are very impressed with your thoughts and feel much the same. We are going to have many questions and truly appreciate your “open door” policy regarding them. Looking forward to corresponding! ~Cathryn

    1. Hi Cathryn,

      Where in Texas do you live? If you have read all of my articles, you will hear me speak highly of your state a lot. I hope to one day have a small place there someday, kind of a bucket list item of mine. I love the Hill Country.

      Where in Mexico are you looking? Of course, I am an advocate for Tulum and the Mayan Riviera. I have been to many places in Mexico and the world and Tulum is just perfect for me. If you decide that you would like to check out the area where we are headed, I rent my place out for a very reasonable price and have a fantastic property management team who will insure your trip is relaxing and informative. *The AirBnb links to my place are on my site under the Products and Services tab.

      I’m here for any questions you have so send them my way. I am always happy to help others who are ready to say USAdios!

      All the best,


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