Uneven Flow: Possibly the worst karaoke singer ever. Tulum, Mexico.

This kid sang his heart out, dedicated the song to his poor girlfriend who (bless her for her loyalty) watched and listened to his entire serenade.  Hats off to the kid for completing the song in earnest.  He never wavered.  I hope he kept his day job.

He gave the crowd a reason to laugh, but everyone cheered him on and clapped loudly when he finished.  His singing was awful, but his attitude was awesome.  Good for him.

Chapter 19: A Bit Bluesy But Reaffirming Our Decision

October 17, 2018

 Moving to Mexico:

Chapter 19:  A Bit Bluesy But Reaffirming Our Decision


I have spent decades dreaming of leaving California for the sunny shores of St. Somewhere, and now that the countdown clock shows less than eight months I have to be honest, I find myself already missing my home.  I look out at our small orchard of pine trees (is a group of pines an “orchard”…not sure) and I imagine one day looking at those same trees from the walking trail that lies just behind our fence.  I know I will do this, just like the ghost I can be, lurking around former abodes, remembering things as bigger and better than they actually were.  I’ve done this my entire life.  And the fact that I’ve lived here longer than anywhere else is setting me up for a seriously difficult, melancholy, bluesy trail-walk.  I am not looking forward to that.

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